Ambiance Walk in Bath – Supply and Fit in Cornwall

Ambiance Walk in Bath   Looking for a deep soak walk-in bath with wide access? The Ambiance walk-in bath is an excellent option to consider. Its outward-opening door is of the highest quality, designed and constructed to be completely watertight and reliable. The hanging door design [...]

Priya Walk in Bath – Supply and Fit in Cornwall

Priya Walk in Bath   If you want an easy access bathing solution without compromising on the look of your bathroom, the Priya walk-in bath is a perfect choice. It has a sleek, modern design complete with a 10mm-thick toughened glass door panel in an elegant [...]

Layezee Walk in Bath – Supply and Fit in Cornwall

Layezee Walk in Bath   The Layezee bath has a unique design which offers excellent access and convenience while supporting an independent bathing experience. Set higher than most conventional bath tubs, the Layezee model allows easy access at a convenient height which can be ideal for [...]

Larimar Walk in Bath – Supply and Fit in Cornwall

Larimar Walk in Bath   Clean lines and a contemporary design give the Larimar walk-in bath/shower a highly attractive appearance. If you’re looking to create an accessible yet modern-looking bathroom, this is definitely a model you should consider. The inward-opening door locks with a simple single-lever [...]

Amalfi Walk in Bath – Supply and Fit in Cornwall

Amalfi Walk in Bath   The Amalfi walk-in bath combines excellent design with the technology of power lift seating to bring the user a secure and independent bathing experience. The ergonomically designed seat is contoured and has lift-up armrests for ultimate levels of comfort and safety [...]


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